Independent Occupational Therapy for you

Do you, or your child, have difficulty doing the things that you need or want to do? You could gain greater independence with help from an independent occupational therapist. To arrange a private assessment, request a price list or for further information - Click here.


Help for Adults

Sometimes your health or ability to move, hold things, or think clearly will prevent you from doing what you need or enjoy. Sometimes it is the environment around you that prevents your greater independence. Often it is a combination of these things.

An experienced occupational therapist from Quality Independence Ltd can expertly assess why you have difficulty completing everyday tasks. We can then offer treatment to improve your own skills or the techniques that you use, and suggest practical ways to alter your home in order to remove obstacles to your independence.

For more information about assessment, treatment, equipment and home adaptations please Click here.

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your visit. I was a little apprehensive before your arrival as I don't talk about my condition much and so most people are unaware and so I "suffer in silence". You were very easy to talk to and really sympathetic to my needs, and I just wanted to thank you again as it does make all the difference." - Mrs H. (May 2014)

"I just had to email and say the biggest THANK YOU. I have a beautiful bath that is fit for purpose. I have never enjoyed a bath as much as that 1st one." - Mrs A. (April 2013) ~ Following installation of new bath that she could actually use independently!


Help for Children

Children need to be able to develop the skills that they require in order to be as independent and healthy as possible. Some children find it difficult to achieve their full potential without specialist help, others have a diagnosed disability that makes acquiring (or maintaining) independent living skills difficult.

An experienced Children's Occupational Therapist from Quality Independence can assess your child and the activities they are finding difficult, establish the cause of their practical problems and offer further occupational therapy treatment in order to help them to progress.


We are extremely pleased to have been joined by Aaron Preston - Senior Children's OT.

Aaron is based in Bocking (Essex) but also works from the main office in Chingford.

Please visit our "Meet the OT" page to read a summary of his skills and experience or telephone 0208 531 9916 if you would like to arrange an appointment.

To find out more about assessment and treatment for children please Click here.