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Thursday, 15 November 2018

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Fine Motor Skills

Below are some activities that could help your child improve their fine motor skills and physical co-ordination. Please click on an image to view in full size.

Have fun with Pipe Cleaners Print E-mail
(5 votes)
Hand Movement

  Twist 2 different coloured pipe
cleaners together.
Twist more pipe cleaners
together to make models
What can you make?
Folding Paper Games Print E-mail
(3 votes)
Hand Movement

  Fold all the corners of a square
piece of paper into the centre,
turn this over and repeat
the folds.
Open it out into a
“Chatterbox” or “Fortune
This puppet is made from the Chatterbox base, open it out after drawing the eyes. Can you make its mouth open and shut?
Play-dough Print E-mail
(5 votes)
Hand Movement

  Rolling, kneading, manipulating, and squashing playdough encourages the development of hand use and dexterity. Challenge your child to pinch spikes onto their model, pinch through the playdough to make a donut shape, or retrieve small items that you have hidden in it. Playdough is available from most toy shops, or can be easily made at home (see below).

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